Appointment of Special Inspector General urged to protect students from sexual predators

Political analyst and UOG professor Ron McNinch

Guam – The governor has been urged to appoint a Special Inspector General or a qualified Blue Ribbon Commission to look into issues involving students and sexual harassment from teachers.

Ron McNinch, an associate professor at the University of Guam, said creating such a special office would focus efforts to further improve policies that protect students from sexual predators in schools.

McNinch’s recommendation comes as three victims in the University of Guam sex abuse case recently expressed concerns about recent developments in their case, asking the Attorney General to discuss these concerns with them.

“I’m on the Guam school board so it is not just the university but all across the Guam government and our educational institutions,” McNinch told PNC in an interview. “We need some method to get everyone on the same table talking and looking at these issues and coming up with better policies and better expectations so that teachers and educators and college professors or whomever do not view these kinds of relationships as acceptable and even more so, that criminal behavior is treated as criminal behavior.”

To prevent the spread of more sexual harassment and criminal sexual conduct cases, McNinch believes that the sex offender registry law should be updated and persons who are convicted of sexual assault should be placed on the registry even if an appeal is pending.

Finally, McNinch said the laws of Guam and federal laws need to be fully applied to UOG and that university regents need to meet more than once every three months when these kinds of concerns arise.

McNinch is also asking the Guam Legislature to hold public hearings to review his concerns because in effect, the legislature already has an inspector general function using its oversight process.