Appointments to Yona municipal planning council on hold

Prompted by the increasing number of COVID positives on island, Mayors Council of Guam President Melissa Savares is encouraging the village mayors to work with Public Health in identifying cluster areas in their respective villages. (PNC file photo)

Without a clear and definitive opinion from the Attorney General’s Office on the position of Yona mayor Jesse Blas, appointments to the Yona Municipal Planning Council, originally planned for today, will be put on hold.

Blas, who was recently arrested on drug-related extortion charges, had not made any appointments to the body since his inauguration on January 2017.

Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares, the president of the Mayors’ Council of Guam, told Andrea Pellacani on NewsTalk K57 that she didn’t realize until the mayor’s indictment that Yona didn’t have a municipal council.

Savares said that it is important for villages to have municipal councils because they serve as the eyes and ears of the mayors.

“We don’t make decisions on our own. We have our planning council, who are also our advisers, to assist us in making decisions whether it be budgetary decisions or especially in cases of rezoning our properties, or with our NAF or non-appropriated fund activities. They also approve and disapprove expenses,” Savares said.

According to MCOG Executive Director Angel Sablan, they appreciate the over 20 Yona residents who have expressed interest in joining the council.

However, he said it is best to wait for the AG’s opinion before moving on to the next step.

Meanwhile, the day-to-day operations of the Yona Mayor’s office continue and the celebration of the Yona St. Francis Fiesta will also go on as scheduled on October 6.