Appropriated Funds to Supply Menstrual Products for Students

Jayne Flores, Director of the Bureau of Women's Affairs in a 2019 interview (PNC file photo)

Appropriated funds will now supply necessary menstrual products for students…

As the Period Poverty Act receives a $100K budget for the 2022-23 school year

During the Guam Green Growth (G3) Steering Committee Meeting, the Bureau of Women’s Affairs shared updates on the budget of the Period Poverty Act for the new school year. 

The funds for period products will now go to public and charter elementary schools, besides the previously set middle and high schools, after receiving suggestions from nurses at elementary schools on the Island. 

However, the new fiscal year starts in October, so Women’s Affairs is still looking for donations to cover the months of August and September for which they can be contacted at 671-475-9162 or email

The budget provided will be used as a point of reference for years to come. 

Jayne Flores, Director of the Bureau of Women’s Affairs said,  “We think that great strides have been made with the law, the passage of the law, and setting aside specific funding for this instead of just having it be lumped in with the nurse’s office budget. They now have to set aside specific money to buy menstrual products because it is, you know, it’s a function like a toilet paper when you go to the bathroom. It’s a function that needs to be recognized and respected.”