April Declared Fair Housing Month


The focus this year is to spread awareness in the community.

Guam – April was proclaimed Fair Housing Month this morning.


As part of Fair Housing Month, the Guam Association of Realtors held a Brokers Forum this morning. According to GAR President Deanna Palmer, the forum was held so that brokers can share information with each other and make sure they help the public in the best way possible whether they’re interested in buying, selling or renting property.

GAR President Deanna Palmer says, “It’s more for public awareness in this regard about their housing and why use a realtor. How do realtors help buyers, sellers, tenants to help navigate the real estate transaction and just have a very easy transaction.”

Also part of Fair Housing Month, Palmer invites the public to join the Guam Association of Realtors for a wave on April 29 at Paseo.