Aquarium burglarized during storm

Owner Peter Yen says this is not the first time that the aquarium has been broken into.
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As many island residents sought shelter from the storm, it appears that several individuals took advantage of the storm’s approach to carry out a crime as a store owner reported to police that his aquarium shop was burglarized.

Aquarium technician Mikey Fagalmed was first to arrive at Peter’s Aquarium in Harmon this morning when he noticed that a hole was cut through the chain-link fence and the heavy-duty door’s lock had been pried open.

“When I came in, I noticed that the camera was off so I checked for the camera system and it was taken. Then, I kept looking around and I saw that one of the aquariums was taken. I also noticed our generator was taken and I checked some of the systems and there was one fish that was taken,” Fagalmed said.

He added that two generators were stolen. The generators were an integral part of ensuring that the aquarium life remains unharmed during power outages, keeping them alive. The burglars made off with an exotic Indonesian fish called a Giant Gourami worth over $300 to a fish collector. But according to the store’s owner, Peter Yen, that’s not all they took.

“They did take our coins, our loose change coins and our syringes, medication application syringes. Total estimate … everything … maybe about $3,000,” Yen said.

This is not the first time the establishment has been broken into. The last time was also during a storm, but Yen says what the perpetrators took and didn’t take may indicate that they had knowledge of the establishment’s layout.

“I think they are really taking advantage of the storms to hit places. Looking at what they took and what they were after. Like our last hit was just our tools were taken. But this time, they were after aquarium fish so I am pretty sure it’s a different set of people. And this time they really went through our items and took the syringes but not the tools,” Yen said.

He is asking the community to be on the lookout for the stolen items and to call police with any information about the burglary at 472-8911.


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