Archbishop Byrnes still needs approval from Rome to sell RMS property


Archbishop Byrnes has indicated that the property could be worth between $2 million to $7 million.

Guam – While the closing of the disputed Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona may be a done deal, the sale of the property isn’t yet a guarantee.

Last week, Archbishop Michael Byrnes announced that, in consultation with various church organizations, such as the College of Consultors, the Archdiocesan Finance Council and the Presbyteral Council, the RMS will be closing down by the end of December.

Archbishop Byrnes also acknowledged that the closure of the seminary is being done, in part, in anticipation of the sale of the property next March or April. The funds will then be used to settle dozens of sex abuse claims filed against the church in court.

However, Archdiocese Spokesperson Tony Diaz clarified for PNC that the church will still need approval from the Holy See before they can sell the Yona property, or any church property for that matter.

The Archdiocese has already put together a list, but according to Diaz, the list hasn’t been finalized. Once it is finalized, he says Archbishop Byrnes will be sending it to the Vatican for permission to sell those properties.

Archbishop Byrnes declined to disclose the appraisal value of the property but did indicate that it could be worth anywhere from $2 million to $70 million.