Archbishop Implements Changes to Church’s Sex Abuse Policy


The policy addresses what to do if an archbishop is accused of sexual misconduct.

Guam – Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai has issued another directive, this time to strengthen the sexual misconduct policy of the Archdiocese of Agana.


Archbishop Hon, in a statement, says he’s basing this latest action on a letter written by Pope Francis on June 4. The letter addresses the handling of negligent bishops.

In Archbishop Hon’s new order, he implements some changes in the sex abuse policy which states that if an allegation of sexual misconduct is lodged against the archbishop, the archbishop must recuse himself from the proceedings, a moderator is to present the case to the Holy See, as well as keep the chancellor and presbyteral council informed.

This is the first time that changes have been made to the Archdiocese’s sex abuse policy in 14 years and it comes on the heels of a public outcry over the handling of sex abuse allegations against Archbishop Anthony Apuron.

You can read the announcement by clicking on the file below.