Archdiocese responds to latest sex abuse allegations


There are now 23 lawsuits for civil claims of sexual abuse filed against the Archdiocese of Agana.

(Archdiocese of Agana) – In regard to the latest lawsuits and allegations of clergy sexual abuse to be filed, Archbishop Michael Byrnes extends prayers to Mr. Morgan Wade Paul, Mr. Benny Manglona, Mr. Johnny Bascon, Mr. Albino Bascon and Mr. Roque Flores as well as their families. All Faithful are also asked to pray for all victims of clergy sexual abuse. “With every person or persons who come forward to share accounts of being abused by clergy in the Catholic Church on Guam, each of us should grieve deeply,” Archbishop Byrnes said. “Sexual abuse of children, no matter when or where it occurred, represents a betrayal of trust and harm of the worst kind; it has a devastating impact on the victim,” Archbishop Byrnes said. “Each of us in the Church must see to it that the children entrusted to our care are stringently safeguarded from abuse or harm of any kind.” With the adoption of the United States Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, the Archdiocese will implement mandatory background checks of all its employees as well as volunteers, will require mandatory training on sexual abuse prevention and mandatory reporting laws as well as be subject to audits by an independent party.