Areas of Simon Sanchez High School Still Closed After Follow Up Inspection


However, major improvements have been made. Three out of five areas that were closed off are open again.

Guam – The Simon Sanchez High School gym and sections of the campus exterior are still closed off after a follow up health inspection conducted earlier today.

Last month, five areas were closed off to the public after the Department of Public Health and Social Services conducted an inspection of the Yigo school. The five areas were the Science Building, a restroom in the first floor, the main hallway leading up to the entrance to the cafeteria, a few of the campus exterior, and the gym. Guam Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson estimated that the total cost for the temporary repairs at the campus is about $8-thousand dollars.

Today, environmental health officers conducted a follow up inspection, but it was not graded, meaning there were no demerits. 

Vice Principal Melvin Finona says the school has managed to address the peeling paint and re-open three of those areas within a month. Finona says he’s confident that they’ll get the gym open before school starts on August 18. He states, “We have pending the outside wall of the main building and the gym. The gym was being done by maintenance and they’re about 80% completed and with the outside building, we’ve made much progress. I have full confidence that maintenance will complete the gym before school starts and the Science building is already done so that’ll be open come the start of school.”

There is no set date yet for the next health inspection, however, Finona says public health officials will be back before the coming school year.