Argument over vaccination before fatal stabbing; animal bone one of the weapons used

The Poinciana Apartment complex in Tamuning, the scene of the fatal stabbing incident last Sunday. (PNC photo)

There was an argument over vaccinations before the fatal stabbing of Dr. Miran Ribati last Sunday, allegedly by the suspect Akmal Khozhiev.

The two attended the same gym, Steel Athletics Guam, and had been training together, although Khozhiev had already been terminated from the gym.

According to the magistrate’s report on the case, a female witness believed that Khozhiev and Dr. Ribati had previously been at Ritidian beach.

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They returned to Khozhiev’s residence, food was prepared, and the two ate dinner.

According to the magistrate’s report, a discussion regarding vaccinations turned into an argument. Miran Ribati is a physician and the witness allegedly heard Khozhiev tell Dr. Miran that “I don’t trust you anymore.”

The female witness heard Khozhiev ask Dr. Ribati if he [Dr. Ribati] would like to see Khozhiev’s room. Dr. Ribati said yes and began walking to the back of the house, towards Khozhiev’s room.

From behind, Khozhiev allegedly wrapped both arms around the neck of Dr. Miran and began choking him. The two fell to the floor and the witness observed Khozhiev use his legs to restrain Dr. Miran’s arms while he continued to choke him from behind. The witness told police officers that Khozhiev trains in mixed martial arts.

The witness and an adult female fought with Khozhiev to remove his arms from around Dr. Miran’s throat. in the process, Khozhiev allegedly struck the witness in the head, twice.

After detaching from Miran, Khozhiev walked to the kitchen table and obtained an animal bone that was left after dinner. The witness observed Khozhiev begin striking Dr. Miran in the neck with the bone, repeatedly.

The witness said she attempted to protect Dr. Miran by putting her hands around his neck. At some point, Dr. Miran was able to stand up and run away. The witness said Khozhiev pursued Dr. Miran, caught up with him, and stabbed the doctor in the neck multiple times with a knife.

At this point, the witness and the adult female fled the apartment for fear that they would be attacked by Khozhiev. Other residents called the police.

When GPD officers responded to the disturbance report at the Poinciana Apartment complex in Tamuning, officers gained entrance to the apartment complex and located Khozhiev who was covered in blood and said words to the effect of: “Sir, it’s me, it’s me, I killed him.

Khozhiev was taken into custody and officers located the lifeless body of Dr. Ribati face down, near a staircase inside the apartment complex. He was surrounded by a pool of blood.

Dr. Ribati did not emit a pulse and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. Emergency medical technicians arrived on the scene and determined that Dr. Ribati was dead.