Arizona Drug detection experts train local and federal authorities on how to spot DUIs

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Guam – In 2017, 292 cases of driving while under the influence were charged in the Superior Court of Guam; GPD reports arresting 258 people for driving while intoxicated; 64 car accidents were allegedly caused by drunk drivers; and 26 of those crashes resulted in injuries.

Considering the numbers, it is evident that driving while intoxicated on Guam is an issue. Thankfully, local and federal authorities are receiving valuable training to stem it.

This week, drug recognition experts from the Arizona’s Gilbert Police Department and State Troopers are taking hold of the wheel to train GPD and federal authorities on how to detect individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and get them off the streets.

“We are not only focusing on alcohol but we are also focusing on drug impaired drivers and what it does is it helps officers to spot them on the road, to get these people off the road and to get them some evaluation skill…the goal here is to reduce crash both to protect people and property. What this training does is it teaches them a standardized and systematic approach to DUI enforcement all the approaches that we are showing them or clues that they are looking for have been developed….were doing them the same way across everywhere,” shared Arizona Gilbert Police Department Sgt. Martin.

The training involves the use of three standardized tests, the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the walk and turn, and the one-leg stand.

The training will continue till the end of this week, with the detection of drug impaired drivers. Sgt. Martin says this portion of the training is tailored specifically to Guam’s needs identifying the characteristics of a driver under the influence of substances such as methamphetamine or marijuana.

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