Army Corps of Engineers on Guam to inspect GMH

Guam Memorial Hospital
Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

The governor’s office has confirmed that a team from the Army Corps of Engineers has arrived to assess the structural integrity of Guam Memorial Hospital.

Governor Leon Guerrero met with regional representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers last May in Hawaii and asked them to come to Guam to do the assessment.

She said at the time that the goal is to determine whether it is worthwhile to repair the current facility or whether GovGuam will have to tear it down and build a new public hospital.

There is already in the 2020 budget a $10 million appropriation from the $22 million in revenues collected in excess of projections during the 2019 Fiscal Year.

However, Bureau of Budget Management Research director Lester Carlson today cautioned that GovGuam needs to know the results of the Army Corps inspection first.

“We should really understand what it is we are we going to be doing there. If the structural integrity of the hospital dictates that we go in a direction that results in a new hospital, then what would we be doing by putting $10-million dollars in there?” Carlson said.

The Army Corps of Engineers arrived over the weekend and met with hospital officials this morning.

Administration officials told the Pacific News Center that the assessment is expected to last about a week and their report on the hospital’s condition probably won’t be released for another month.