Army Guard Warrant Officers Spruce Up Park


Guam – Army Warrant Officers from the Guam Army National Guard worked on sprucing up parts of Asan Memorial Beach Park late last week, in partnership with the Island Beautification Task Force.

Several of the Warrant Officers worked on painting park benches, tables and the flag pole at the park, as well as clearing up the immediate surroundings of trash and debris.

“There are 17 Warrant Officers assigned to the Guam Army National Guard and each contributed in a variety of ways,” said Warrant Officer 2 Bernard Aguon.

[Robert Castro (left) and CW2 Christopher Iwashita repaint a barbecue pit full of graffiti at the Asan Memorial Beach Park. GUARNG Warrant Officers adopted the park under the DPR’s Adopt-a-Park program.]

The Department of Parks and Recreation provided some of the paint, and the warrant officers purchased the paint brushes, rollers, pans, and additional paint to support the cleanup effort, according to Aguon.

“This Saturday, we are looking at going out there and finishing off the rest of the work, such as the pavilion. We also want to plant flowers around the flag pole and parking lot, as well as coconut trees along the edge of the park close to the beach front,” said Command Chief Warrant Officer Francis Pablo.

The Warrant Officers will be coming out to conduct a monthly upkeep effort of the park under DPR’s Adopt a Park Program.

Warrant Officers in the Army are the technical subject matter experts in their military occupation field.