Army Holds Final Public Hearing on Proposed Permanent THAAD Unit


Permanent THAAD Unit Could Mean Dependents of Unit Members Will Live on Guam

Guam – On Saturday U.S. Army officials held the last of two public hearings on the proposed permanent basing of a THAAD battery on Guam.



 The THAAD or Terminal High Altitude Air Defense battery is a missile defense unit. The THAAD missile defense unit was brought to Guam back in 2013 in response to threats from North Korea but it was only on temporary deployment. Lt. Col. Jeff Slown Commander of the THAAD unit on Guam says that these public hearings are a requirement of the National Environmental Protection Act or NEPA process. “We’re looking at the social economical aspects. We’re looking at the environmental aspects the cultural aspects other aspects out there that we may need to be aware of prior to the Department of the Army, Department of Defense making a final decision on if we should bring THAAD out here on a permanent status,” said Lt. Col. Slown.


 The THAAD Guam unit Commander says that if the THAAD unit becomes permanent the soldiers attached to the unit will be able to bring their families to Guam and really become part of the community and become contributing members to the island.