Army National Guard Director Meets With Guam Leaders On Military Cuts


Guam- Army National Guard Director Lieutenant General William Ingram Jr. is wrapping up his 2 day trip on Guam.

LTG Ingram was previously the Adjutant General for the North Carolina Guard before taking on his new position. He is now responsible for programs and policies that affect the Army Guard in 54 states, territories and Washington D.C.. Ingram met with various local and military leaders over issues that impact the guard and the availability of resources for the army. He tells PNC while no personnel cuts are in the immediate future, the Army Guard will have to tighten its belt quite a bit.

“Military construction is less than we have seen in the past…or it will be in the next year or two” said Ingram. “We took a fairly significant hit in schools money this year, but it looks like it’s going to be better in later years.”

Ingram wasn’t specific on how much money is being cut, but says the Guard is the best value for tax payers. He adds they will have to live with pre-9-11 funding levels soon, but he argues the Guard is never going back to being a strategic reserve.