Army Private Isaac Aguigui Accused in Terror Plot, Faces Murder Charge in Pregnant Wife’s Death


Guam – A man with family ties to Guam who is believed to have lead an anarchist militia group and pleaded guilty to double murder last July will now face another unrelated murder charge for the July 2011 death of his pregnant wife, who also served in the US Army.

19-year-old former Army Private Isaac Aguigui pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty, ABC News reports, in the December 2011 deaths of a comrade and his girlfriend.

Upon deeper investigation, however, authorities found evidence that Aguigui and three others had formed an anarchist militia group that plotted to assassinate President Obama and blow up the Washington Dam.

According to various media reports, Aguigui received $500,000 dollars in insurance benefits after his wife, Dierdre Aguigui died. He allegedly spent $87,000 dollars to purchase an arsenal of weapons to carry out his anti-government plans. Aguigui was initially questioned in his wife’s death, ABC reports, but the case was reopened after the militia plots were uncovered.

A second opinion suggests that Dierdre Aguigui was handcuffed to her bed and struggled violently while she was choked to death. Isaac will face a court martial for his wife’s murder.

His trial is scheduled for January 21st.  

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