Arnold: Life under hotel quarantine

It's been 13 days since Arnold Catt has seen his wife and son. Arnold returned to Guam from Manila and is now on his eighth day of mandatory quarantine.

It’s been 13 days since Arnold Catt has seen his wife and son. Arnold returned to Guam from Manila and is now on his eighth day of mandatory quarantine.

It’s been a long eight days in quarantine for returning resident Arnold who shares that his family is waiting patiently for him to come home.

“Well, my six-year-old has been asking for me because even prior to this quarantine, I sort of like was already detached from him. I went to Honolulu and after my five-day trip coming back, I never got to go home. I went straight to Santa Fe for quarantine so it’s even longer. So day 8 is actually day 13 that I haven’t seen my six-year-old and my wife,” he said.

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Arnold is in quarantine by himself at the Pacific Star Hotel after being moved there from Santa Fe Hotel. He shares that being at Pacific Star is a little better because although he is not able to have visitors or leave his room, he is able to get some fresh air on the balcony. He says that there really isn’t much to do as sticking to his routines and diet is out the window. So instead, he has found other ways to keep occupied.

“I’m glad that we’re in the time when Netflix is around. Can you imagine if it was before that? I’d probably go nuts by now,” he said.

Filming podcasts has also become a comical way of spending his time as he waits for Public Health officials to check in on him. According to Arnold, Public Health checks in on the quarantined travelers twice a day for those who warrant it.

“But for me, I think it’s because my temperature has not gone up at all, it’s always been normal, so it comes down to just once a day. Right before dinner, they’ll come around and they will ask us the same routine and that’s going happen until the end of my stay here,” he said.

Although Arnold is in quarantine, he shares that because he is asymptomatic they have not tested him for COVID-19.

“I think that’s the idea behind it. I mean, those test kits are so precious so they will do the monitoring because we fell in that category where we traveled to a COVID-19 country. In my case it was Manila,” he said.

Arnold says that plans are in the works to separate travelers who exhibit symptoms from those that don’t.

“What they’ve done is, I think, it was Days Inn and Santa Fe they are prepping those facilities. Our 150 here, if some of us exhibit symptoms having COVID-19 and they test them and they’ve proven that they need another facility, they are not going to be grouped with us, the travelers who are just under observation. They are going to be at Days Inn I think. Santa Fe is not up to par as facilities so they’re working on that,” he said.


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