Officer testifies Acosta called Nauta’s killing ‘a mistake’

Arresting Officer Detective Eric Mondia took the stand today a day after FBI testimony in the case indicated that DNA samples of semen collected from Timicca's body matched up with the DNA of Acosta.

After nearly five hours of interviewing Brandon Michael Acosta in the murder of 15-year-old Timicca Nauta, the arresting officer didn’t get much out of him. The officer said it wasn’t until Acosta was placed under arrest that Acosta confessed to entering Nauta’s home.

Arresting Officer Detective Eric Mondia took the stand today a day after FBI testimony in the case indicated that DNA samples of semen collected from Timicca’s body matched up with the DNA of Acosta.

In court today, Mondia reviewed pictures with the jury of the gruesome crime scene. The government entered into evidence photographs of the bloodied walls, the blood-soiled bed and clothing, and the wounds Timicca Nauta sustained.

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As the pictures were shown, Acosta could be seen grimacing at the sight of the scene and Nauta’s lifeless body.

The testimony of the officer centered around the day GPD brought Acosta in for questioning related to Nauta’s murder. He says that they received information warranting Acosta to be interviewed but Acosta didn’t say much and in fact denied committing the crime.

When asked whether Acosta gave any alibi, Mondia said Acosta did not.

It wasn’t until after Mondia placed him under arrest on the basis of probable cause that Acosta opened up to Mondia’s partner, Detective Angel Santos, telling Santos that he went to Timicca’s home after he burglarized the residence across the street and allegedly admitting that while in Timicca’s room he was startled.

But what Acosta allegedly said to Santos following his arrest may provide some insight into Acosta’s thought process.

“Then his next response was it was a mistake. He was telling Detective Santos I don’t believe I should be charged with aggravated murder because what happened in there was a mistake, it wasn’t my intention,” Mondia said.

Mondia said that after that Acosta no longer wanted to speak about the incident.

Mondia also testified that before turning Acosta over to the Department of Corrections, he hugged Acosta and said now Timicca Nauta can rest in peace.

He says that Acosta responded, “I hope so.”

Trial will continue on Monday.


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