Arriola Testifies in Support of Bill That Would Allow Double-Dipping for Cabinet Level Hires


Guam – Lawmakers held a public hearing Thursday morning on a bill that would allow Cabinet Level allow GovGuam retirees who are re-hired by the Calvo-Tenorio administration to continue receiving their retirement benefits, essentially allowing for a double dip.

Bill 498 would allow Gov Guam retirees to be hired by Gov Guam and retain their retirement benefits. Governor-elect Eddie Calvo’s Chief of Staff Frank Arriola testified in favor of the measure. He says the Calvo-Tenorio administration is hard-pressed in finding qualified individuals for high level cabinet positions. “The problem is that either their pensions or their private sector jobs pays substantially more than the government position we propose they fill,” said Arriola.

Senator Ben Pangelinan brought up concerns about the impact this law would have on the retirement fund. He’s also concerned that this law will open the door for people currently employed by Gov Guam to retire and then double-dip. “Are you looking at just the current people who have retired already are you looking at people who are going to retire once this law is passed and come back?” asked Senator Pangelinan.

Arriola responded by saying they are currently looking at people who have already retired. Ge will be providing the legislature with a list of the positions they are looking to fill with Gov Guam retirees.