Arrival protocols for critical service worker quarantine exemptions

Department of Public Health and Social Services Director Art San Agustin (file photo)

Acting Public Health Director Art San Agustin has provided more information on the arrival protocols for exempting essential and critical service workers from the government-sanctioned quarantine.

Under the current guidance memo issued by Public Health, critical services workers, or CSWs, may be allowed to report to work during their quarantine period but are required to follow Restriction of Movement guidelines. This means CSWs are required to present an endorsement letter from the Public Health Director at the airport upon arrival and an acceptable COVID-19 negative test result.

CSWs include those who are employed to perform civilian construction, federal government, and other types of mission-critical work. These are different from essential healthcare professionals.

During Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s news conference Thursday morning, San Agustin says the government will make the determination on who should be exempted based on certain criteria and types of critical service workers.

“We have different categories. We have essential care workers and these are nurses and physicians. We also have critical services workers — those that are critical to Guam’s operations. For example, if someone is coming in to assist — like in the coming elections — to train for the use of machines in the coming elections — then that person will be given an exemption,” San Agustin said.

He added: “However, they do need to come up with a negative — an acceptable negative COVID-19 test result … and has to again 5 days prior to arrival on Guam and they are also placed on a restriction of movement.”

According to San Agustin, each case is rated or evaluated depending on what is being requested, how long they are going to be here, and what their chief function is to Guam’s operations.