Art exhibit showcases female artists on Guam

Dawn Reyes is an established artist with more than 30 years of professional experience under her belt. (PNC photo)

Local artists Dawn Reyes and Ric Castro have teamed up to showcase the artwork of several rising and established female artists on Guam.

Dawn Reyes is an established artist with more than 30 years of professional experience under her belt. Reyes’s work often reflects her deep appreciation for the CHamoru culture, which can be found in the Guam Museum, the Valley of the Latte, and the Guam Regional Medical Center. Now, Reyes is featuring her art in an art show titled “Imbentibu Famalao’an,” which translates as “Inventive or creative women” in CHamoru.

The art exhibit is being hosted at the Castro Art Gallery, owned by fellow local artists and UOG art professor Ric Castro. The Gallery is featuring the work of 25 well-known and upcoming local female artists. In total, over 100 art pieces are on display.

“We’re very lucky to have Casto Galleries to present our artworks this time in addition to the annex that we have next door. So, with 25 artists, we have well over 100 hundred artworks. And there are prices that range from fifty dollars to five thousand five hundred — so, something for everyone,” Reyes said.

Dawn, who is a strong advocate of women’s empowerment, expressed the importance of art galleries such as these that aim to uplift and amplify the work of other women, stating:

“I like to take the time to let people see that women are very creative people. Most of the women that are represented, including myself here, have other jobs, have families, have other things that take away from their art time. And for them to be able to pull things together and support this exhibit, to me, is just very awesome and I totally appreciate their participation.”

Imbentibu Famalao’an is open now and will run until Saturday, June 26. The exhibit is at the Castro Art Gallery located on the second floor of the Tumon Sands Plaza. The gallery is open to the public from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

For more details about Imbentibu Famalao’an, visit @Castro_Art_Gallery on Instagram, or visit