Guam Attorney Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering


Guam – District Court Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood called it a sad day for the Guam legal community as she accepted Attorney Dan Aguilar’s plea of guilty to 2 counts of money laundering.

Aguilar admitted that he conducted financial transactions involving funds that he knew to be the proceeds of mail fraud. The fraud resulted in a loss to the Bank of Guam of close to $200-thousand dollars.

Read the plea agreement

The plea agreement does not make clear what happened to all that money.

Still, Aguilar will spend no time in jail for the crime. The Judge agreed to accept Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric O’Malley’s recommendation of 5-years probation, plus an aggressive schedule of restitution to the Bank of Guam. O’Malley pointed out that Aguilar approached the U.S. Attorney’s Office to confess, and that he showed remorse. O’Malley also said that restitution to the Bank of Guam is the primary goal. And probation allows the defendant to pay that restitution.

However Aguilar is certain to be disbarred now that he has been convicted.

His defense attorney, Pete Perez Jr. said aguilar was initially the victim of a fraud. But then got wrapped up in a fraud himself. And his judgement, said Perez, “should have gone a different way.”