2 GFT Candidates Charge Union’s Election Committee Is Violating GFT Constitution


Guam – Two of the 3 candidates running for the Presidency of the Guam Federation of Teachers have sent a protest letter to the GFT election committee objecting to what they call the “continuing failure of the current leadership to follow the GFT Constitution.”

The letter was sent by Carol Somerfleck and Edward Quintanilla.

The third candidate in next Friday’s GFT election is current President Matt Rector. Somerfleck has been a strong critic of Rector’s leadership over the past year.

Read Sommerfleck’s letter to GFT’s Election Committee

The 2 candidates cite 4 issues in their letter:

1. “the failure of the election process to consider the working schedule of members because the polls are only open from 7 am until 5 pm.”

2.  “incumbent Matt Rector announced … there were 3 candidates running for President. Such information provided the incumbent clearly reflects inside knowledge … not afforded to other candidates.”

3. “there is an appearance” of management involvement in the conduction [sic] of the election.”

4. “eligibility of candidates [sic] Rector as he is not a regular member or Constitution excludes from regular membership those who hold any management or supervisory position.”

The 2 candidates are asking the GFT Election Committee to “provide corrective action … to each of these issues immediately.”

The letter is dated February 15th.  No response has been received yet.