Asen Moni Gets 20 Years in Prison After Pleading Guilty to Two Counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct


Guam – Pursuant to a plea agreement, Asen Moni was convicted of two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct as a first degree felony and was subsequently sentenced by the court to 20 years imprisonment.

In October 2012, Moni victimized two young children who were well under the age of 14. One victim’s guardian discovered blood on the victim’s legs after the incident occurred in the jungle area of Moni’s residence. Moni admitted to penetrating one victim and reported he may have done the same thing to the other victim, citing that he was drunk.

“The Defendant will be serving a significant amount of time in jail, and neither child will be forced to go through the traumatic experience of facing their rapist in open court and being re-victimized by having to testify,” said Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Heibel.

“By securing such a lengthy imprisonment, the victims and their families can avoid reliving the trauma they’ve experienced and move in the direction of healing emotionally, psychologically and physically,” added Attorney General Leonardo M. Rapadas.

“Our prosecutors continue to do the work necessary to protect these victims and other children from future attacks.”

There have been approximately 887 conviction cases through plea agreement deals so far this year.