Acting Speaker Muna-Barnes Gets A Meeting With Pfanenstiel


Guam – Wednesday morning, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy canceled her meeting with Acting Speaker Tina Muna Barnes. But late Wednesday afternoon the Acting Speaker got another phone call saying the meeting was back on.

Senator Barnes says that she was very pleased that the Assistant Secretary eventually decided to meet with her and other senators. That meeting took place early Thursday morning.

Barnes says that she, Senator Judi Guthertz, Senator Frank Blas Jr., Senator Tony Ada, and Senator Adolpho Palacios had the chance to voice their concerns with the military buildup.

“I think this morning’s meeting was very receptive she was very friendly she was thinking outside of the box looking at ideas of what could be utilized. We shared the concerns regarding the re-affirmation of resolution 444 from resolution 275 and that they’re issues and concerns that came from our people that needed to be addressed,” said Barnes.

The Acting Speaker says they also re-iterated their disappointment with the record of decision and the entire NEPA process.