Atkins Kroll, Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce take Hafa Adai Pledge

The Guam Women's Chamber of Commerce and Atkins Kroll Guam have taken the Hafa Adai Pledge. (PNC photo)

The Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Atkins Kroll Guam are the first two organizations to take the Hafa Adai Pledge since the pandemic began.

But what’s the significance of the Hafa Adai Pledge?

The Hafa Adai Pledge started in 2009.

GVB spokesperson Josh Tyquiengco says that the pledge is a way for GVB to establish a consistent brand for Guam that’s rooted in the island’s culture.

“Back then, they were just developing the Guam brand as well. And that’s when they kind of modernized GVB’s logo, and the Guam brand, and everything to represent all the various aspects of our culture. And so the Hafa Adai pledge is a component of that to kind of formalize it. Because there are people who have been doing it, and it’s just another way of recognizing them for their efforts. So when they take the pledge, they’re really committing what they’ve already been doing and then adding more to it,” Tyquiengco said.

Tyquiengco said that GVB provides resources to help organizations, whether they’re private businesses or government organizations to fulfill the pledge.

Taking the pledge is a full-on event.

Also, GVB provides a branding toolkit and any other assistance they can to augment their expression of Chamorro culture, working with local organizations such as UOG Press, CAHA, and various local cultural groups.

The Hafa Adai Pledge has also spread abroad to organizations and businesses with roots in Guam such as the Las Vegas-based restaurant Red Rice.

Tyquiengco said that organizations that have taken the pledge express the Chamorro culture in a wide variety of ways from the simple to the elaborate.

“It could be as simple as just saying Hafa Adai in your greetings, Si Yu’us Ma’ase in your salutations. You can wear island print on Fridays, you could play Chamorro music, like Dee was saying, in your business. Or wherever you are. There are some who were also committing to providing Chamorro classes, like for those employees to start learning more about the language. And then every year, like for DFS, DFS signs their pledge annually, and they make a big thing about it with their employees, and so there’s food, they hype up their employees and their staff about it, and they’re just really spirited about it,” Tyquiengco said.