Atkins Kroll partners with Mayors Council to dispose of used vehicle batteries


Atkins Kroll has partnered with the Mayors Council of Guam to properly dispose of used vehicle batteries.

Mayors Council president Jesse Alig told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo Thursday morning that Atkins Kroll approached the Mayors Council about the program.

He said that Atkins Kroll offered to accept used vehicle batteries from mayors offices and will offer them $10 for each battery.

Alig said that it’ll be up to each individual mayor as to how they’ll acquire the batteries.

Some may offer pick-up services while others may require residents to drop their batteries off to a staging area or to the mayor’s office itself.

Each mayor is allowed to use their discretion when deciding how to use the money acquired from the battery exchange.

Alig said that he suspects many will use the money to fuel…and maintain their official vehicles.

“For us, it’s a good deal because we’ll be able to help our residents dispose of these batteries, and at the same time make some money for fuel that we don’t already have. That’s kind of one of our issues this fiscal year … fuel and servicing our vehicles. So we’re hoping that’ll translate into some type of sufficient funding for us to gas up our vehicles so that we can continue to do the work that we do,” Alig said.

The battery exchange program is slated to run through most of May.

Atkins Kroll will pick the batteries up from mayors’ offices from May 20th through the 22nd.