Guam Attorney Danilo Aguilar Expected to Enter Guilty Plea After Being Charged With Money Laundering


Guam – Guam based Attorney Danilo T. Aguilar is expected to enter a guilty plea in Guam District Court after being charged with money laundering in the CNMI.

Last week, 2 counts of money laundering were filed against Aguilar in the CNMI District Court.

Read the complaint filed in CNMI District Court

A release today [Wednesday] from U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco, states that the case is now being transferred to Guam’s District Court “for the purpose of entering a plea and sentencing.”

The case involves a fake cashiers check for nearly $300-thousand dollars.

According to the release, Aguilar received the check after responding to an email solicitation. He then deposited it into a business account at the Bank of Guam.

The release states that the email solicitation was part of an international fraud scheme targeting attorneys, and the check was a forgery. Its not clear if Aguilar knew that ahead of time, but the U.S. Attorney states that the charges against him stand because he allegedly transferred the funds to a different bank, and withdrew it as cash, after he was informed that the original check was fraudulent.


The charges against Aguilar are based on the same essential facts that are the subject of a pending civil suit filed by the Bank of Guam in the Superior Court of Guam.

The release quotes U.S Attorney Limtiaco as saying that “scams such as this are increasingly common, and the community should be very wary.” She went on to say “this case will hopefully serve as a warning to everyone, to be wary of con-artists operating through the internet, because involvement may cost you more than just money, it may also lead to criminal charges if you become aware of the fraudulent activity, but continue to participate.”

The Internal Revenue Service is leading the investigation with the assistance of the U.S. Secret Service.

Assistant United States Attorney Eric O’Malley will prosecute the case. 

A release from U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco, the case is being transferred to Guam’s District Court for the purpose of entering a plea and sentencing.