Attorney General: Beware of price gouging


The Guam Attorney General’s office  this morning issued a news release advising that Guam’s price gouging laws are in effect and urging island residents to be on the look-out for sudden prices increases.

“The prices of goods and services must now stay fixed and remain fixed for up to 30 days,” states the release.

Residents are urged to watch for price inflation on goods that may be in short supply such as toilet paper, rice, hygienic products, canned goods, water, gasoline, and batteries.

Residents should report suspected price gouging violations to the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General via email at

Complaints should include the name of the store or business suspected of price gouging and any evidence of the inflated price, including a photo of the inflated price. If a consumer is unable to email, they can call 671-475-3324 ext. 3300.

Any store or retailer violating Guam law may owe up to three times the amount of gross profits on the overcharged goods. It is also illegal to increase the price of services or dwelling rentals. Merchants and landlords may also owe up to five times the amount of inflated services and rentals.