Attorney in Shoemake case requesting for more money


The attorney assigned by the District Court of Guam to represent Nicholas Shoemake has requested for more payment.

Guam – Atty. Louie Yanza has filed a motion to waive maximum attorney’s fee and pay interim fees in the Nicholas Shoemake case due to the “unusual and peculiar circumstances.”

Nicholas Shoemake, along with Clifford Shoemake and Kimberly Casey Connor, were indicted in January by the District Court on charges related to Medicare and TriCare fraud involving over $30 million. The indictment alleges that the three and some of their employees at Guam Medical Transport conspired to defraud the government by falsifying documents and claims submitted to Medicare for reimbursements.

In court documents, Yanza says he has invested over 90 hours of compensable time in the 9 months he has represented Shoemake. In that time, Yanza states he has had to review, organize, and catalogue over 260,000 pages of discovery documentation. Yanza is asking for a payment of over $14,000.