Attorney John Bell’s Pre-Trial Release Revoked Over Violations

Judge gavel and scale in court. Library with lot of books in background

The Superior Court of Guam ruled in favor of the People of Guam’s motion to revoke Attorney John Bell’s pre-trial release.

Superior Court of Guam made the ruling due to his violating his pre-trial release conditions multiple times.

PNC previously reported that Attorney John Bell was arrested late last year on charges of terrorizing – felonious restraint and assault.

According to the magistrate’s report of Bell’s arrest – when GPD officers arrived at the scene of a disturbance – 4 women had escaped from Bell’s captivity. The report also stated that Bell has assaulted one of the victims as well.

According to the Superior Court’s document Bell had to follow the following conditions of release:

Obey all laws; Must inform the court or the pretrial services in the probation office or supervising officer; in writing before making any changes to residence or phone number;
No contact and stay away from his victims; No threats, assault, and/or harassment;
House arrest and curfew.

The Superior Court then stated that there were 5 violations filed against Bell during his pre-trial release which goes as follows.

Bell violated house arrest by going to K-mart; violated his house arrest again by publicly admitting that he had stayed at the Days Inn hotel sometime after his release;
harassed the victims by posting screenshots of private conversations between him and the victims on Facebook; Violating house arrest again; and failing to refrain from consuming illegal controlled substances.

To conclude, the Court has filed to revoke Bell’s pre-trial release based on the aforementioned violations and his bail that was previously set by the magistrate judge is at $50,000.