Attorney Kutz Recommends Dismisall of Both Tenorio Ethics Complaints


Guam – The legislature’s ethics committee heard Attorney Robert Kutz’s preliminary findings today of the two ethics complaints lodged against Lt. Governor elect Ray Tenorio. He began with presenting his findings in the first complaint filed by Harold Cruz in which Cruz alleges that Tenorio began signing documents with the Tenorio last name before he legally changed it from his birth name of Waddey.




“Rule ten provides that if at any time during the course of the investigation the investigating council discovers facts that clearly exonerates the respondent the duty is to report those facts and recommend an immediate dismissal and that’s exactly what I’m doing as far as Mr. Cruz’s complaint is concerned,” said attorney Kutz.

 Kutz’s conclusion is based on a few things, first of all he found that Ray Tenorio has only been known by the name of Ray Tenorio since he arrived on Guam when he was twelve years old. This is something that is also noted in Ray’s petition to change his last name from Waddey to Tenorio. In essence Kutz found that even if Ray used the Tenorio name to sign documents prior to having it legally changed it would not be considered misconduct under the code of ethics and standards for the Guam legislature. This is because Kutz says it would not have been an attempt to mislead anyone or to commit fraud against anyone since he had always been known as a Tenorio since coming to Guam.

 “There’s nothing sinister that can be implied from taking that proceeding to affirm the name that he is since he was twelve years old as a result regardless of motivation that there is no evidence that the senators application to affirm his name was not in good faith or for proper purpose,” said Kutz.

 The committee adjourned after discussing the Cruz case, however Kutz did provide written copies of his findings in the complaint filed by Dr. William Weare. As you may recall Weare alleges that Tenorio committed an act of moral turpitude by failing to pay child support payments. Kutz also recommends that Dr. Weare’s complaint be dismissed essentially because payroll documents demonstrate that regular child support payments were made from Senator Tenorio’s salary from July of 2008 to the present day.

 The committee will reconvene tomorrow (Wednesday 29th, 2010) at 9am to hear and discuss Kutz’s findings on the Dr. Weare complaint.