Audio file released on the proper pronunciation of restored CHamoru village names


Several bills authored by Sen. Telo Taitague to restore CHamoru village names were signed into law.

The new laws officially recognize Hågat, Sånta Rita-Sumai, Humåtak, Malesso′, and Talo′fo′fo′.

In line with this, the Kumisión I Fino’ CHamoru has released the audio file of​ the proper pronunciation of these village names.

According to the Kumisión, they decided to release the audio file because “we understand that some community members may not have access to fluent speakers to be able to hear the proper pronunciation or some may be new to the island and the CHamoru language.”

Taitague said restoring the CHamoru names of these villages means more than a change on paper, it reflects a desire by the community to connect with our history and culture through the CHamoru language.

“While some of us are able to speak in our native tongue, there are a few including myself who are making every effort to learn and speak our language – even when others want to humiliate us for trying. Through these bills, it is my hope that critics will be more respectful and supportive of those among us who want to preserve, perpetuate, and celebrate our CHamoru identity,” Taitague said.

She added: “To our children and grandchildren, please don’t ever let the naysayers intimidate or make you feel that your efforts to learn our CHamoru language are meaningless.”

Click the link below to hear the audio file of​ the proper pronunciation of the latest newly restored CHamoru village names.