AUDIO: NMC President Sharon Hart Did Threaten Lawsuit Against U.S. DOE, Despite College Statement to the Contrary


Washington D.C. – Northern Marianas College officials issued a statement Thursday denying the college was considering legal action against the U.S Education Department if the agency revokes NMC eligibility for Pell and other student grants.

The College stated that President Sharon Hart did not says the college would file a lawsuit. 

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However Hart did say that in a taped interview following her meeting last week with the Undersecretary of Education.

Hart: “No, we, we would be taking,  we told them, we would take, we would take legal action,  and move forward with it.”

Hart was asked specifically, if it would “misrepresent” her or the original story, that she and her NMC team would go to court,  To which she responded, “no.”

The College’s statement says Hart said the College is prepared to take the next step, and the next step is to meet with the Secretary of Education.

But what Hart actually said was that Undersecretary Martha Kanter would need to meet with the Secretary, before deciding the fate of NMC Federal grants.

Hart:  “What Dr. Kanter said was that, in reality, she’s going to need to sit down with the legal counsel  and go into the Secretary of Education  and talk with the Secretary on all of this.”

Hart concluded, Kanter needs to go to DOE’s lawyers and the Secretary, since they know a negative decision would be a major one for the NMI’s only college.

And because:

Hart:  “…and, the fact that they know, we’re going to fight it.”