Audit: 12 GMH Doctors Don’t Have Controlled Substance Registrations


The Office of Public Accountability says they randomly selected 25 doctors of which 12 did not have the required CSRs to be able to distributed controlled substances at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Guam – At least 12 doctors at the Guam Memorial Hospital may be issuing controlled substances without the proper registration requirements with the Department of Public Health and Social Services, according to an audit conducted by the Office of Public Accountability.

The OPA conducted the audit on GMH’s pharmacy and found that out of the 25 randomly selected physicians tested, 12 did not have Controlled Substance Registrations with Public Health for GMH, as required by GMH policy.

The OPA did note, however, that most of the 12 doctors have CSRs for their private practice.

In addition, the OPA also cited the GMH pharmacy for failing to provide a breakdown of how much it spent on controlled substances versus non-controlled substances.

The OPA also noted that there appears to be a lack of inventory and security control because the pharmacy keys were accessible to all pharmacists.

In response, GMH stated in the audit that they exceed DEA compliance for security access to controlled narcotics.

The manual key alone will not permit access to the narcotics room and the room does have an electronic security access via security badge, GMH says. They also have a 6-layered security system for their controlled substances.

GMH also says that while the DEA only requires them to conduct bi-annual inventories on narcotics, this year alone, the hospital performed four inventories.

You can read the full report by clicking on the file below.