Author Disa Dawn credits her strong CHamoru roots as the inspiration for her writing

Disa Dawn (Photo by Marie Pham)

During this difficult time, this inspirational author encourages Guam’s artists to share their stories, as she continues to share her own.

Disa Dawn is a mixed genre author, who was born and raised in Guam. While attending the University of Guam, Disa took up creative writing classes where she encountered supportive teachers who helped foster her love for writing. Disa then went on to attend graduate school at Napora University, where she studied poetics and creative writing.

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Disa credits her connection to her strong CHamoru roots as inspiration for her interest in the cozy supernatural adventure genre. She believes that intertwining culture and writing is a way by which she can honor where she comes from and provide more representation for the CHamoru people and the CHamoru culture through different forms of art.

“The more books I write, I’m finding out more about my themes as a writer, and they are family, duty, purpose, kindness is there and hope. So as a writer, I think I try to incorporate all of that, and that is the Chamorro culture,” Disa said.

In 2018, Disa was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. Unfortunately, Disa fell under the 1-2% of people who still had breast cancer even after surgery.

Despite undergoing multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, Disa continued to write and publish three new books—including “Stone Cold Mortal” and two new additions to her Tennessee England series.

Disa said that facing her mortality helped her overcome her fear of sharing her art with the world, and she now centers her platform around the importance of creativity and how it saves and heals lives.

“For me, art is such a mindful meditative process. The ultra focus that I was able to put into the art allowed me to deal with all those feelings because when you’re diagnosed with something like that, you immediately go into grief mode because there is this loss. And you’re not even sure of what you’re losing yet, but you know what you can lose. But the entire process is this series of loss and acceptance, and then release. You have to release.” she said.

Disa hopes that her story can inspire more artists on Guam to pursue and share their art, as she continues to share her own.

Disa’s upcoming project, “Fruitbats in the Belfry” is expected to be released in the fall of this year! You can find Disa’s books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books. For more details, you can visit