Author of Book Set in Guam During WW II Speaks to Youth Detained at DYA


Guam –  Douglas Arvidson, author of “Brothers of the Fire Star” which is set in Guam during World War II, was a guest speaker at the DYA Liheng Famagu’on School yesterday afternoon. 

The clients of DYA are currently reading the book and were treated to this rare opportunity of meeting and listening to Arvidson’s presentation.

[Author Douglas Arvidson presentation at DYA Youth Correctional Facility]

It was through his experience on Guam that inspired him to write “Brothers of the Fire Star”- a tale set in 1941 about two boys who learn to accept their differences and learn the ancient secrets of Pacific Island navigators in order to survive.

Arvidson currently resides in Virginia, but had lived on Guam for almost 10 years.