AWA: Department of Agriculture is Taking No Action on Illegal Fighting Birds Entering the Island


An animal rights group alleges that the Guam Department of Agriculture is taking no action on Illegal fighting birds entering the Island.

PNC’s Khyomara Santana has the details on this story

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Animal Wellness Action criticizes the Guam Department of Agriculture for allegedly allowing the entrance of at least 132 fighting animals from Hawaii-based cockfighters, and for taking no action against what seems to be illegal contraband of male bird breeds used for cockfighting.

In a press release from the AWA they said, “AWA’s ongoing review of live-animal shipping records to Guam revealed that state-based cockfighters have sent at least 11,648 fighting birds to Guam over the last five years.”

The AWA argues that GDOAG’s import standards fail to exclude the shipment of fighting birds, and that the department does not demand that shippers present business and sales records to certify that the transactions derive from legitimate agricultural operations.

Wayne Pacelle, president of the Animal Wellness Action alleged that:
“The Guam Department of Agriculture continues to knowingly allow fighting birds onto the island,”

They added that they have repeatedly shared details to the director of GDOA and Governor Lou Leon Guerrero on how GDOA is failing to follow federal law and no action has been taken.

Under Section 26 of the Animal Welfare Act, 7 U.S.C. 2156, it is a crime to:

  • Knowingly sponsor or exhibit in an animal fighting venture;
  • Knowingly attend an animal fighting venture, or knowingly causing an individual who has not attained the age of 16 to attend an animal fighting venture;
  • Knowingly buy, sell, possess, train, transport, deliver, or receive any animal for purposes of having the animal participate in an animal fighting venture.

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