‘Ayuda’ $500 relief rules bill passed by Legislature


Bill 393-35 (LS), the rules and regulations for the ‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ Help for Families Program (AIM), was passed by the Guam Legislature this afternoon.

According to Sen. Amanda Shelton, the sponsor of the bill, the Department of Revenue and Taxation will have 15 working days from the date of enactment to implement the program. The companion piece of legislation, Bill 392-35 (LS) was also passed today. Bill 392-35 (LS) refines eligibility and application requirements for the AIM program.

According to Shelton, the bill ensures this assistance reaches all eligible families and allows a path for non-filers who do not meet the income threshold— such as veterans— to apply for the program.

Additionally, Bill 392-35 (LS) ensures the ‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ Help for Families Program allows families with multiple eligible dependents to receive the $500 payment for each dependent.

“Our action today brings us one step closer to providing our families excluded from the federal stimulus program the relief they have been waiting for. The ‘Ayuda I Mangafa’ Help for Families Program will make our families with young adult dependents continuing their studies and families with individuals with disabilities whole,” said Senator Shelton in a statement after passage of her bill.

Earlier, the Republican Party of Guam issued a release stating that no legislation was needed to spend federal monies and that Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero can simply sign an executive order and start cutting the ‘Ayuda’ checks.