Ayuda Enlists Help of Chuuk Women’s Council, Payless & 5 Star Wholesale to Deliver Food to Onoun


Guam – Students living on Onoun will be receiving food aid with the help of the Ayuda Foundation’s community partners following a shortage in food supply.

The Ayuda Foundation would like to thank Kathy Calvo Sgro from Payless Markets and Julie Jones Murrell of Five Star Wholesale Foods who have donated several pallets of noodles, canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce and much more to be included in the US Air Force’s annual Christmas drop.

Previously, the drop was scheduled for December 16, however a food shortage on the island of Onoun has caused the Air Force to schedule their drop at an earlier date on December 11 with the additional donated items. Jim Herbert, a manager at Five Star Wholesale, was responsible for organizing all of the deliverable goods.

Manny Hechanova of the University of Guam’s Distance Education Program was the first to alert Ayuda of the situation on Onoun. He mans the university’s high frequency radio that maintains communication with many of the outer islands. After hearing from Father Floren who runs Onoun’s boarding school, Hechanova has been coordinating for the past few weeks with the Ayuda Foundation, the Air Force and Ayuda’s community partners on Guam to make sure relief is delivered.

Ayuda Foundation sent the first wave of relief in boxes of MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) along with a container of aid received by the Chuuk Women’s Council on November 20th. Kiki Stinnett of the Council sent twenty cases of the MREs on a ship that arrived at Onoun on Sunday, December 2. The additional boxes of aid being dropped by the Air Force on December 11 will ensure the students on Onoun who have been enduring the food shortage will be taken care of through the holidays while a long term solution is being developed.