B1 bombers fly out of Andersen in response to NK missile launch


The B1 bombers flew out of Andersen Air Force Base last Thursday.

Guam – Days after a successful missile launch by the North Korean regime, two B1 bombers flew out of Guam last Thursday into waters in the East and South China Sea and in the Korean peninsula in what is perceived as a show of force amid escalating tensions between the US and North Korea.

The Pacific Air Force made the announcement that the B1 bombers joined two Japanese F15 fighters and South Korean fighter jets for a 10-hour joint mission.

The Air Force emphasized that the exercise was part of a “continuing demonstration of ironclad U-S commitment to our allies against the growing threat from North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs.”

While cooperative exercises are not unusual in the area for the US, South Korea and Japan, last August was the first time in 10 years that the B1 bomber replaced the B52 stratofortress bomber.