Ballot Placement Finalized for Election 2016


For the full list of names, read the attached press release from the Guam Election Commission.


Guam – Guam – With the primary elections only 53 days away, the Guam Election Commission has finalized the order for ballot placement for prospective candidates determining who gets the coveted top spot in their respective races.


The democratic chairman and republican vice chairman drew names on Friday to determine the ballot placement for the upcoming senatorial elections. It is often said that the top spot on the ballot is coveted because people are more likely to vote for the first name they see. This year’s process was a bit different from previous years. Instead of having the candidates draw for themselves, a representative from GEC drew names instead.


Here’s a look at the democratic ballot placement for the 2016 elections.


1. Telena C. Nelson


2. Joe S. San Agustin


3. Nerissa B. Underwood


4. Regine B. Lee


5. Thomas C.  Ada


6. Dennis G. Rodriguez Jr.


7. Tina Rose Muna-Barnes


8. Armando S. Dominguez


9. Frank B. Aguon Jr.


10. Judith T. Won Pat


11. Fred E. Bordallo Jr.


12. Victor A. Gaza


13. Jermaine Alerta


14. Benjamin J.F. Cruz


15. Mike San Nicolas


16. Rory J. Respicio


17. Therese M. Terlaje


Heres the full ballot placement for the republican senatorial race:


1. Wil Castro


2. Barry L. Mead


3. James V. Espaldon


4. Vicente A. Ada


5. Amanda Blas


6. Mary C. Torres


7. Jose A. San Agustin


8. Tommy Morrison


9. Benito Servino


10. Brant T. McCreadie


11. Albert J. Balajadia


12. Chris Duenas


13. Eric M. Palacios


14. Fernando B. Esteves


15. Louise Borja Muna


16. Ellery M Paz


17. Frank F. Blas Jr.

Non-Partisan Candidates (Public Auditor)

1. Doris Flores-Brooks

2. Doreen T. Crisostomo

3. Zanaida T. Asuncion

Democrat Delegate

1. Madeline Z. Bordallo

2. Tony Babauta

Republican Delegate

1. Margaret G. Metcalf

2. Felix P. Camacho


The new process took a more subdued approach than the 2014 election but the importance remains. Both top spots in 2014, senator Frank Aguon Jr. And Senator Mary Torres, won seats in the legislature that year.

Meanwhile, GEC commissioners approved all but one candidate. Republican senatorial candidate Romeo Carlos was disqualified from this year’s race because his legal name is Karl Gross, but the name he is using for candidacy is Romeo Carlos. A similar argument was made against Carlos in 2014, however GEC commissioners at that time approved his candidacy. Unlike this year, commissioners decided to reject his candidacy.





  1. Here’s a list of senators who voted yes on raising their salaries in 2014 . They think their fancy signs and slogans will get them re-elected. I think the average voter is going to exact some revenge in November and vote these jokers out hopefully.
    1. Judy Won Pat – yes
    2. B.J. Cruz – yes
    3. Tina Muna Barnes – yes
    4. Rory Respicio – yes
    5. Tom Ada – absent
    6. Frank Blas – yes
    7. Michael San Nicolas – absent
    8. Dennis Rodriguez – absent
    9. Nerissa Underwood ***
    10. Tony Ada – yes
    11. Mary Torres***
    12. Frank Blas***
    13. Brant McCreadie – yes
    14. James Espaldon***
    15. Tommy Morrison – yes
    *** elected in November 2014. did not vote.

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