Ban in effect, but no need for cockfighters to destroy their birds


The ban on cockfighting is now in effect. However, there is no need for the owners of fighting roosters to destroy their birds.

A release from the Guam Department of Agriculture states “there is nothing unlawful about owning brood fowl or poultry previously used in cockfighting” and “there is no rush for the owners of those birds to dispose of them.”

The release also advises cockfighters what to do with the drugs they use to pump-up their birds before a fight.

Cockfighters can dispose of their legally obtained pharmaceuticals by turning them in, during normal business hours, at the Naval Hospital pharmacy in Agana Heights.

The drugs can also be disposed of during the Drug Enforcement Agency’s TakeBack campaigns which are typically conducted in April and October every year.

Guam Public Health is responsible for licensing the drugs, but they don’t have the resources to dispose of them.