Bank of Guam clean-up draws 200 volunteers and yields over 8600 pounds of waste


Bank of Guam’s Founder’s Day of Giving yielded employee volunteerism, combined with working alongside neighborhood associations and mayors for major cleanup areas.

According to Joaquin P.L.G. Cook, the Bank’s President and Chief Executive Officer, “Over 200 employee volunteers joined together on Saturday, March 13, 2021 for community cleanups in Guam. For the two-hour outreach, over 8,600 pounds of trash were collected among the villages of Yigo (Gil Breeze), Dededo (NCTAMS Walkway), Harmon (Hemlani Apartment area), and Malesso (Roadside), making this one of the most successful community outreaches we have organized. As we work towards our landmark 50th An-
niversary in 2022, these efforts begin regular outreaches in the areas which most need our help.”

In Yigo, the Bank’s employees worked alongside the Gil Breeze Association and neighbors, while in Harmon, Hemlani apartment residents and nonprofit Manelu joined the teams. Village mayors in Yigo, Dededo, Harmon and Malesso supported and assisted the teams as well.

Bank of Guam Announces Closure for Enterprise-wide Training

Bank of Guam announces the following closures
throughout its network:

= San Francisco Closed March 16, 2021, Reopens March 17, 2021
= Guam Closed March 17, 2021, Reopens March 18, 2021
= Neighboring Islands Closed March 18, 2021, Reopens March 19, 2021