Bank of Guam continues digital transformation

The Bank of Guam's new ATM Van takes money on the go to the next level. (BoG photo)

The Bank of Guam continues to deliver on its year-long transformative campaign, “The Start of Something New,” announcing the introduction of Branch Wi-Fi and a fleet of newly upgraded ATMs (Automated Teller Machines).

As part of the Bank’s digital transformation efforts, customers visiting Guam branches now have access to free In-Branch Wi-Fi, allowing them to like, love, share, discover, and explore all the newly launched features of Bank of Guam’s new website and online and mobile banking solutions.

The Bank’s work continues as it plans to bring Branch Wi-Fi to its customers in the CNMI and neighboring island branches in the coming year.


Since 1984, Bank of Guam ATMs have delivered convenience throughout the region. Today, 38 years later, they announced the official rollout of their new, upgraded fleet of ATMs set to replace 86 ATMs throughout Guam, the CNMI, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

Identifiable by the signature Bank of Guam green casing, customers can expect a new user-interface that’s easy-to-use with new features available today and several future enhancements to look forward to.

Key features include:

• Deposit-Taking ATMs –Deposit cash and checks at all any of our full-function ATMs located
at all our Branches and Oka Payless
• Customized Denominations – Customers can select their preferred mix of $20, or $50 bills
• Enhanced Anti-Skimming Security – Protects customers information from fraud attacks
• Interactive Display – Combination of vibrant touchscreen and physical function keys


Hitting the streets and coming to an event near you is the Bank’s new ATM Van, taking money on the go to the next level. Sporting the same upgrades, the Bank delivers the power of mobility with this newest edition to their ATM fleet. The van features 2 (two) embedded ATMs – One cash dispensing machine and a full-function, deposit-taking machine. The exterior is a statement — bright, distinctive, and representative of the Bank’s refreshed visual identity reflecting transformation, adaptability, and resilience.

Surrounded by foodies and food trucks, Bank of Guam’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Joaquin P. LG. Cook will unveil the Bank’s ATM Van on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at Skinner’s Plaza, Hagåtña as part of the village’s 2021 Electric Winter Wonderland celebration.

“The Start of Something New continues today as these announcements signify our constant
journey for improvement. For nearly 40 years, the Bank’s network of ATMs has served our
communities throughout the region and the decision to replace and upgrade our entire network of ATMs and bring Wi-Fi to our Branches, keeps us on pace with growing demand, expands our digital ecosystem and creates even greater convenience and flexibility for all our customers,” said Lesley-Anne Leon Guerrero, Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer, Bank of Guam

“We know everyone is busy. As The People’s Bank, our investments keep this in mind. This
means breaking free from our branches and going mobile – whether that be through our online and mobile banking solutions or through self-service at any one of our ATMs throughout the region. We’re building a banking experience that’s always there, even when our branches are closed,” said Joaquin P. LG. Cook, President & Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Guam.

In November, for the 4th consecutive year, Bank of Guam earned 3 Platinum MarCom Awards in marketing and communications excellence, for which there were 6,000 entries from submissions in 41 countries for the 2021 MarCom International Awards Competition.

In October, Bank of Guam received 2 (two) badges from Guahan Green Growth for their
sustainable development goals to end poverty and hunger.

In September, the Bank had received 2 (two) Brand Slam Awards from the American Bankers Association, recognizing their campaign Stop COVID, Spread LOVE for its outstanding efforts in Crisis Communications and Social Media.

In August, the Bank of Guam launched a new website and online portal optimized for a consistent and immersive experience across desktop and mobile devices.

In July, the Bank unveiled the rebrand of their California region branch – TASI Bank, a division of Bank of Guam, focusing primarily on business-to-business financial services.