Bank of Guam First to Sign “JOIN THE FIGHT” Pledge


Guam – Last Saturday, April 13, at the Guam Cancer Care Health Screening event at the Micronesia Mall, the Bank of Guam became the first company to sign Guam Cancer Care’s Join the Fight pledge. 

With this signing, Bank of Guam becomes the first Guam company to:
* Promote, encourage and allow employees to get screened for cancer in line with approved screening guidelines
* Disseminate information about the importance of early screening and detection programs
* Encourage employees to eat healthy and exercise regularly to promote a healthier work and family environment
* Encourage participation to be proactive in the fight against cancer

[L-R: Tillie Ngirachelsau, Guam Cancer Care; Olynne Rhoads, Guam Cancer Care; Jackie Marati, Bank of Guam Senior Vice President and Guam Cancer Care Board Member; Lou Leon Guerrero, Bank of Guam President, Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer; Terry Cuabo, Executive Director, Guam Cancer Care; Charly Lauron, Guam Cancer Care; Ellie Ongrung, Guam Cancer Care; Karina Quito, Guam Cancer Care; Chuck Tanner, Guam Cancer Care Board Chair.]