Bank of Guam holds successful 2nd annual Small Business Forum



Guam – The Bank of Guam is continuing to help local entreprenuer’s with it’s second annual small business forum called “Small Business Huge Success.”

Bank of Guam Executive Vice-President Joaquin Cook says that the free seminar allowed local small businesses to network, share ideas and learn some tips on how to operate a successful small business. The first panel focused on reinvesting in your business, the second panel focused on the growing pains of a new business and the final panel focused on the customer experience.

“It really just gives everyone here an opportunity to get together, network, share ideas, learn from others who have been through…who have lived life in the trenches of business and who have been through the growing pains and have experienced all the struggles. And really just to get the business community together to do what it is they do best and share ideas on how to do business best,” said Bank of Guam Executive Vice-President Joaquin Cook.

“What we wanted to do was kind of reconnect back to why we all started, why we were founded and a lot of that was very close to supporting small business giving our local people an opportunity to succeed,” said Vice-President and Director of Customer Service Lesley Leon Guerrero.

The Bank of Guam is celebrating its 45th year of doing business on Guam.