Bank of Guam names inaugural LIFE Scholarship recipients

UOG’s Celia Anderson, left, and Hunter Siddell (BoG photo)

Bank of Guam’s 2021 LIFE Scholarship winners have been named, and both are University of Guam students, Celia Anderson and Hunter Siddell.

The 2021 LIFE Scholarship program advocates for corporate social responsibility (CSR) values and beliefs. Each applicant must prepare a project and video presentation addressing any problems found in the community, in addition to a formal interview of their project.

Applicants must be students at the University of Guam or Guam Community College, in
keeping with the Bank’s support of local institutions.

Celia Anderson’s project, Tinanom I Lapes, addresses Guam’s plantlife devastation caused by invasive species by offering a convenient and sustainable way of planting local flora through simply providing pencils that are embedded with seeds and can be planted en masse.

Hunter Siddell’s proposal involves the educating, communicating and transporting of Guam’s manamko to maximize their participation in Guam’s COVID-19 vaccination program. Having seen the need for the most isolated and transportation-challenged populations to get vaccinated, the video is a strong cultural commentary on the importance of our manamko and keeping them safe.

Both students are entrepreneurs as well. Anderson has begun local small businesses, while
Siddell is involved in his family’s honey business.

Joaquin P.L.G. Cook, Bank of Guam’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated, “Celia and Hunter are model young adults who demonstrate passion in an environmental and socially sustainable Guam. They offered very thoughtful applications, videos, and interviews, and we are especially proud of the socially responsible proposals.”