Bank of Guam wins 2 top honors in national brand competition

The "Stop COVID, Spread LOVE" campaign was awarded the 2021 ABA Brand Slam Award for best crisis communications and social media campaign. (BoG photo)

Bank of Guam announced Wednesday that its campaign — “Stop COVID, Spread LOVE” — has been awarded two 2021 Brand Slam Awards for best crisis communications and social media campaign from the American Bankers Association (ABA).

The 2021 ABA Brand Slam Awards honor the nation’s top marketing strategies from banks of all sizes with a volunteer panel of over 70 certified financial marketing professional-credentialed experts weighing in on campaigns from July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021.

Stop COVID, Spread LOVE was awarded the 2021 ABA Brand Slam Award for best crisis communications and social media campaign based on weighted criteria for concept, strategy, creativity, execution, and impact. With profound insight, the award-winning
campaign shares heartfelt perspectives from parents, caregivers, front-liners, executive
decision-makers, and even COVID-19 survivors, all of whom are Bank employees. The
campaign, delivered in a four-part series, aimed to capture a stay-at-home audience using an integrated strategy that combined traditional and social media channels along with out-
of-home advertising, delivering compelling stories of resilience, courage, and compassion.

“Stop COVID, Spread LOVE was created during the early months of this pandemic and
was our way to shed light on how this virus was touching every corner of our community.
Shot on cell phones and over zoom, from our offices, homes, and even while in isolation,
we shared the real stories of our employees and how this virus impacted our lives and
changed the way we did business. To earn national recognition with 2 Brand Slam
Awards is a huge win for our entire community and a tribute to the all the heroes who
continue the fight to get this virus under control and to keep our community safe,” said Lesley-Anne Leon Guerrero, Chief Experience Officer, Bank of Guam

“Stop COVID, Spread LOVE was created from the desire to support local, national and
global efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. As an essential industry during such a
pivotal time, these stories capture the different perspectives of each of our employees
and highlight the importance of being in this together while still inspiring action from
behind the mask. To be honored for this piece twice hits differently to our Bank of Guam
Familia who used their voice to raise awareness and should be especially meaningful to
all within our community who live these stories every day and continue the fight against
this virus,” said Joaquin P. LG. Cook, President & Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Guam.

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