Bank of Guam’s IFIT Run Raises a Record $45,500 to Benefit Guam Cancer Patients


Hagatna, Guam – Bank of Guam’s 8th Annual IFIT 5K Run literally broke the bank, shattering previous fundraising records, and raising $45,500 for Guam Cancer Care.

Bank of Guam donated 100% of cash proceeds to Guam Cancer Care during the Bank’s Founder’s Day Employee Dinner on March 13, 2014, celebrating 42 years of service to Guam and the region.  

With around 2,000 runners and volunteers crowding downtown Hagatna in the early Saturday morning hours, the iRecycle team ended up with only 6 full bags of trash.  Recorded finishers topped 1,500, double the amount from three years ago, with security provided by 12 police reservists.

Five hundred volunteers from Bank of Guam, Guam Cancer Care, schools and many nonprofit groups provided support to the effort, resulting in what organizers claim is the best organized 5K Run event on Guam.  Continuing the “green theme,” Bank of Guam utilized Eventbrite’s online registration, payment and mobile check-in application, resulting in just over 660 registrations, another record for a Bank of Guam 5K event.

Lou A. Leon Guerrero, Bank of Guam President, stated, “Bank of Guam and Guam Cancer Care’s successful partnership resulted in an immensely successful event, not only for the record funds raised, but for the professionalism and organization both groups have worked hard to maintain and showcase to our community.”  

Terry Cuabo, Guam Cancer Care Executive Director added, “We are truly grateful to the Bank of Guam organization and the community for supporting Guam Cancer Care and the Fight Against Cancer here on Guam.  Without the kindness and support of our community and corporate sponsors such as Bank of Guam, we would not be able to help the many Guam residents afflicted by cancer who need the help and assistance our organization provides.”

[L-R Front Row: George Prudente (Guam Cancer Care), Tillie Ngirachelsau (GCC), Jackie Marati (Bank of Guam), Olynne Rhoads (Guam Cancer Care), Terry Cuabo (Guam Cancer Care), Lou Leon Guerrero (Bank of Guam), Marie Racadio (Guam Cancer Care), Karina Quito (Guam Cancer Care), Ellie Ongrung (Guam Cancer Care ; Row 2: Dr. Gary Famisaran (Guam Cancer Care), Joey Miranda III (Guam Cancer Care), Jo Mariano (Bank of Guam), Mike Naholowaa (Bank of Guam), Dr. Ralph Sablan (Bank of Guam Board Member), Dr. Luis Camacho (Bank of Guam Board Member), Bill Leon Guerrero (Bank of Guam), Martin Leon Guerrero (Bank of Guam Board Member), Joey Crisostomo (Bank of Guam Board member), Chuck Tanner (Guam Cancer Care); row 3:
Loling Field, Crescentia Perez, Ben Pablo, Joaquin Cook, Maria Cooper-Nurse and Kebrina Duenas, all from Bank of Guam]